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I’m a contractor and want to get paid on time.

The flexibility and financial rewards of becoming a contractor has seen an increasing number of people get in contact for help, either setting up as a contractor or for the support they need to get paid on time each month.

Is this for you?

If you’re thinking of becoming a contractor, or are already established and need support on a monthly basis, come this way.

How we help:

We guide you through the process of becoming a contractor and provide a range of support from incorporation, year-end accounts and annual returns to payroll, dividends and VAT calculations. Sorted.


Starting from £180 + VAT per month

What you need to know

We advise our contractor clients to set up a Limited Company as recruitment agencies and clients will only issue contracts to limited companies to reduce their liability. As an alternative, there are also umbrella companies contractors can join.

Services we provide include:

– Incorporation of Limited Company
– Invoice management based on timesheets
– Expenses management
– Year-end accounts
– Quarterly VAT calculations
– Personal tax returns
– Dividend administration

All our contractors use Xero, our online accounting software that makes the tracking and management of your finances a breeze. Find Out More

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