We're accountants that give you time to get on with the business of business - and life.

A Colourful Approach to Creating Business Focus


Blue activities focus on the revenue generating functions of your business. These are customer related and are do to with making, selling, delivering and servicing of your products or services, such as sales and marketing. How much time per week do you or your team spend on tasks like these?

Red activities focus on the non-revenue generating functions that support the infrastructure of the business such as administration, finance IT, HR. These activities can take up a lot of day-to-day resources. How much time do you or your team spend on these roles each week?

Black activities relate to strategy and leadership functions including developing your market position, funding and investment plans for long-term growth and improving operational efficiency. These activities can get pushed aside when the day-to-day challenges of running a business take over. 

What's This Got To Do With Accountancy?

The blue, red and black approach to business helps focus the right people and the right skills on the right tasks - you don't have to do it all to achieve your dreams. 

Use The Experts 
By outsourcing some - or all - of your day-to-day finance tasks, you can spend more time focused on blue and black functions of your business. 

Make Informed Decisions
Our planning and insight services directly support the black functions of business so you can make better-informed decisions about growth, expansion or investment.