Why Xero Is Our Hero

We're a one platform accountants and here's why

3 Reasons To Choose Xero


Instant Access To Your Numbers

Xero helps turn bank reconciliation from a chore into something simple and fun. Honest! Once we've connected Xero to your bank (which is an easy and pain-free process) transactions flow in automatically, ready for reconciliation by us or you. You get instant access to your current cash position and regular updates on the state of your business finances.
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"Xero makes reconciling your accounts easy and non-intimidating, especially for people that would prefer to do anything but finance!"
Josh - Accountant at Azure
Dive Into The DetaiI

We can easily dive into the detail of our client's business with tracking within Xero reports. We help our clients review all areas of their business by quickly and easily splitting out projects, cost centres and locations, for example. By combining tracking with reports we can provide even more information, in real time, to our clients, enabling better business decisions for all.
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"Xero helps our clients track profits for different categories, so they can see which projects make them the most and least money."
Denise - Accountant at Azure
It's Easy To Make A Change

Migrating your accounts to Xero from an existing software package - such as Sage or QuickBooks - is much easier than you think, particularly with us guiding you through the process. And the results? An easy to use accounts system, a happy team and a happy bottom line. Perfect!

"We thought it was a big decision to migrate our finance systems, but the whole process was seamless, giving us more confidence in our figures and bottom line."
CTO - Professional Services Company
Azure & Xero

We made a decision that for Azure to provide a truly exceptional level of service to our clients, we needed to be a single platform accountancy. It is impossible to support the plethora of options,  online and offline, and to train staff on all the platforms.  So we made a bold decision to be a single platform firm. And we chose the best with Xero. We think you'll be very happy with this choice too.
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